They’re Here…Bed Bugs, that Is

Apparently, bed bug populations are on the rise in the United States.  Recently, “attacks” have been reported in Chicago and New York.  Reports from Chicago seem to center on residential areas.  In New York, bed bugs took over the main Nike store, causing it to temporarily close.

Since bed bugs do not pose a threat to humans (other than being an annoyance), controlling/tracking the population is not a federal issue.  Some people, such as Dana Strong, are having some serious psychological issues as a result of infestation.

Still from Orkin CommercialThe best thing about bed bugs is their resiliency.  From what I gathered from the BBC article, some experts believe bed bugs are immune to insecticides.  However, there is a myriad of pest control products claiming to kill bed bugs.  As of August 20, 2010, Arkansas has had no reports of bed bugs.  Regardless, a lot could change in one month.  [left: an image from an Orkin ad campaign]


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2 Responses to “They’re Here…Bed Bugs, that Is”

  1. paulhibbert123123 Says:

    OMG this is horrible, and things just seem like they keep getting worse. I was at war with bedbugs for what seemed like forever. The biggest problem I had was trying to find a non-toxic and professional solution. I lucked out with these guys! They were really great, and quick. and the best part they’re totally green and environmentally friendly!

  2. tsulljr Says:

    Because it is one of the few comments I have, I will let the product plug slide. I’m glad it is a useful plug…thanks for sharing.

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