Ah, Arkansas Politics

Governor-Politicshopeful, Jim Keet, had some unanticipated assistance with his campaign.  The newscast names the rapper-hopeful as “Courtney Ray, or ‘X2C.'”  Already, common ground has been established.  X2C says he did his research, and Keet is his candidate.  The newscast also summarizes the rapper’s repertoire as consisting mainly of songs about “partying and women”—gee, what an unusual rap characteristic.  The “film-maker” was not named in the newscast, but the YouTube video shows a “Quality Video Services” logo after the vid.

Anyway, the song is a semi-catchy result of a couple people messing around for the sake of doing it…it just happens to be for their candidate of choice.  Interestingly enough, the first person to denounce the unemployed rapper (another one of those strange characteristics) happened to be the same race as the rapper when she commented, “You are black and you don’t even know what’s going on, and you want to do a song about it?”  I am not saying it is a great song with complex melodies and snappy chord progressions [watch it here], but it is no worse than some of the other political propaganda out there (a lot more to-the-point, as well)…and it was not sanctioned by Keet’s campaign.

Diddy--Vote or DieThe white guy to comment next said, “If that’s that kid doing on it on his own, without the funding from Jim Keet, I don’t see anything wrong with it.”  Not only is there nothing wrong with it, it is a terrific use of media in politics—especially considering there was no monetary gain.  This brings me to Benjamin Gray’s point, when he said, “I just think this kid is out there to get a check.”  As a side note, his wife made the disparaging comment mentioned earlier—the editor just split the reactions and threw a couple positive comments between the two.  BUT…he has a valid concern.  After all, “X2C” is a self-proclaimed “starving rapper.”  There is a clue.

As far as I am concerned, Courtney Ray is simply making due with his current circumstances…whatever those are, exactly.  The political ad turned out to be a great publicity tool, especially with the news coverage and YouTube hits.  However, under normal circumstances, this maneuver would require a follow-up publicity stunt to truly be effective.  And that is disregarding the overused “parties and women” theme.  The political angle would be a good strategy, but P. Diddy already did-y did it…in 2004, under the “vote or die” guise.  The bottom line is that I would rather watch X2C’s campaign video than sit through the long version of the “ballsy” Axe commercial.

Various StereotypesTo whomever is reading this on behalf of Professor Reeder:  this is the “example of stereotyping in the media” assignment.


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