Thank You, Missouri

Missouri County MapI stumbled across an article on today regarding Missouri’s new legislature…makes me happy.  The new law restores assurance (for residents of the “show me” state, anyway) that a burglar will not be able to sue a homeowner if the social leech gets hurt while trying to rip off the honest person’s belongings.  It is now legal in Missouri to use deadly force against someone trying to steal your car…and the best part?  The burglar cannot sue you for getting hurt if he, say, falls through a skylight (Liar Liar reference).  This is great because homeowners must, no longer, hesitate to react because of possible civil suits if the burglar lives—I assume this also applies to the family of the burglar if he/she is, uh, stopped.  If someone breaks into a house or tries to steal something, that person is a threat…end of story.  Good job, MO.

The law has already been tested…today, actually, in Kennett, Missouri.  Short story shorter, a 17-year-old broke into the wrong house, which he did not leave.  Homeowner received no charges.


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