Ah, Overseas Terrorism

Predator DroneI was cruising the U.S. and Canada portion of the BBC website, where the largest headline read, “US Issues Travel Alert for Europe.”  Okay.  Good thing I’m not planning on vacationing across the ocean anytime soon.  A click-through led me here.  According to this accompanying article, the C.I.A. has been suspecting an attack for a while, and has been raining hell on the mountains of Pakistan with unmanned firepower.  The U.S. is also trying to push Pakistan to search for al-Qaeda operatives (such as, but not limited to, Osama Bin Laden).

I’m so tired of hearing about Osama and al-Qaeda…I’m willing to entertain a friend’s notion that Israel did it.  My eyebrows raised when he suggested that.  I love a good conspiracy theory.  For the hell of it, he changed his Xbox 360 name to suggest this…it was flagged, and he was warned to change it before the F.B.I. started looking at him—he was told that by whichever department provides Xbox Live support, I think.  That interview may have to be a blog of its own at a later date…maybe.

And I just realized I did not update the status of my parking ticket, as I said I would do in an earlier post.  It was reduced to a warning.


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