It’s a Video Game

Medal of Honor: VanguardThe developers of the upcoming game, Medal of Honor, have changed the multiplayer opposing team name from “Taliban” to “Opposing Force.”  For having teams of creative people at its disposal, Electronic Arts certainly did not strain too much to develop that name, did they?  This BBC article claims the change came because Electronic Arts received complaints from friends and families of fallen soldiers.

I can understand how it could be considered distasteful to make it possible for a teenager to wreak havoc under the digital representation of a Taliban soldier, but I must also say I think there are other issues with more merit for concern.  Now, people will be (digitally) blowing “Opposing Force” heads off, rather than unloading into Taliban soldiers.

On a side note—is this Medal of Honor related to the game series, by the same name, for the original Sony Playstation?  I remember playing the first Medal of Honor game for hours on end when it was released.  After reading the wiki page I linked to, I found out the new game is a continuation of the series—question answered.


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