Wikileaks…Double-Edged Sword

Wikileaks LogoSo is about to blow the whistle on US activity overseas, once again.  The last thing I heard out of Wikileaks was the Afghan document dump.  By the by, the documents can be found here…when Wikileaks finishes its “scheduled maintenance”…or when the founder finishes his court obligations and retires.  Wikileaks was put on the map, so to speak, when the community released a leaked video from an apache helicopter showing Reuters photojournalists being gunned down.  Needless to say, the video cast unfavorable light on certain US rules of engagement.  The video is labeled, Collateral Murder.  I wrote a more detailed blog about it last semester—it can be found here.  The soldier believed to be responsible was supposedly arrested, but (as of June, 2010) has not been charged.

Pentagon Wall PlaqueThis month, Wikileaks is about to release 400,000 documents pertaining to the US involvement in Iraq.  Naturally, the Pentagon is a little edgy about the situation.  I enjoy a whistleblower as much as the next guy, but there are certain details, contained within those documents, Wikileaks should opt to leave out—such as names of informants, as the article points out.

Hopefully, the leak will serve to expose unacceptable, immoral practices (should they exist) without rendering current acceptable procedures obsolete.  Just in case, a 120-member committee has been assembled by the US military to deal with whatever may come.  I guess we will just have to see what surfaces.


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