The Wikileak Follow-up

Wikileaks has released the collection of secret documents from the War in Iraq.  You can browse the collection here.  The first link leads to a page linked to a Youtube video.  It is an interesting watch, featuring commentary by Daniel Ellsberg, the Vietnam whistleblower.  US Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, said the information released “may well damage our relationships and reputation in that key part of the world.”

I have browsed a bit, and I have determined it is a terrible way to waste time…unless you are extremely vigilant in researching those matters.  I figure if anything of conspiracy-related interest is in the files, someone else can log the hours and get the glory for pointing it out.  There are gaps of information, which make it difficult to understand at times.  The gaps do not render descriptions illegible, but they come close in some reports.  It is interesting to read the reports of confiscated weapons and such—routine traffic stops were a bit different over there than on the latest “Cops” rerun.


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