A Little TSA TNA?

Airport Security CartoonThe Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has decided to beef up security measures in time for the holidays.  In a move of hospitality and Democracy, the security personnel give you a choice.  You can choose the old-fashioned frisk or a full-body scan.  These scanners have been rumored to have adverse health effects, but it seems as though such is not the case , as the amount of radiation received is less than that received during the flight, itself.  This article tells of a biochemist who claims actual studies do not exist to back up the erroneous claim.

The other issue to tussle with is privacy infringement as a preventative measure.  The scan is detailed enough to make out bodily TSA Logodetails, but the face is blurred by the software.  And it is not as if the pat-down is less intrusive, considering “more vigorous” pat-downs, crossing into “molestation,” are already the norm in many airports.

The TSA is going to increase security implementation, but you will still be able to find airports without the full-body scanners.  As of Sept. 17, this was the list of airports with scanners.  Closer to the holiday season, I will follow up.

Luckily, Germany has flipped the bird to the full-body scan concept, calling it “nonsense.”  This would also be the most likely country I would travel to, so it works out.  Children are spared in Europe, as the scanner images are considered child pornography.  This article reveals children in the US are not so lucky.  This is a major shock, considering how strict we, as a country, are with sexual harassment involving any age group.

Route 66 RoadIn any case, I would prefer to drive with a massive supply of tunes.  If I were to get tired of driving, I would find any alternative to flying I could—I do not like the idea of being strip-scanned or molested.  If I had to cross a sea, it would have to be for something very important…unless the destination was reachable by cruise.  I will wait until more safety details are released before I determine which method I would prefer for overseas flights.

I am glad I flew when I was younger…it has now lost its appeal.


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