Correction to Palin Post

Sarah Palin WinkOkay…in this past post, I pointed out how her giving cookies to students, extending her own power, was a Democratic thing for her to do.  I was thinking about it after posting, and I have determined that, while it is a valid parallel, there is an underlying principle voiding it.  Palin gave the cookies to students in a private school.  We can safely assume the private institution is not cheap.

Meanwhile, the invalid point of her spiel was how the lower-class public school students were facing legislation restricting classroom sweets.  The article Palin referred to had been corrected, but let’s assume she was correct…

The public school students might have had to go without cookies, so Palin took cookies to the upper-class private institution.  Giving to the rich while the poor get poorer…that is Republican.


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2 Responses to “Correction to Palin Post”

  1. 204 Says:

    Thank you for the correction.

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