Facebook is Gaining Power

Facebook LogoFacebook is looking to unveil their newest big thing, which will hopefully make Facebook communication easier.  Maybe this will fix the FB chat system.  For me, it only works about 60 per cent of the time.  For certain friends, it seems, messages get through about 40 per cent of the time.  I know avoidance is not the case.

The new utility will serve as a communication hub for messages, chat and instant messaging services for Facebook users.  At option to the user, he or she will be able to sport an “@facebook.com” E-mail address.  People, in the know, claim this will not bring E-mail to obsolescence.  Gmail is singled out as Facebook’s competition.

E-mail vs. Social MediaHonestly, I have never had a reason to use Gmail.  I got a Hotmail Account back in the day, and it is now strictly to use Windows Live Messenger (once every other blue moon); I have a Yahoo E-mail address for use with Yahoo Messenger (just as often as Windows Live Messenger); I have my college E-mail account for official use; I also have another account for business use.  Facebook chat and messaging work great for communication with friends, as does SMS/MMS messaging via cell phone.  Utilizing Facebook E-mail would be communication overload.  I do prefer E-mail for formal communication, but I already have it covered.  The new Facebook E-mail lacks a “subject” line, likening it to an extension of instant messaging…I already have that covered, too.

Facebook practices have also created waves with Google due to a deal Facebook struck with Microsoft (Bing) while leaving Google out of the data mix.  I dislike Microsoft and its products, so I must side with Google on this one.  Google does have a valid reason to be miffed at Facebook, though.

While I dislike certain aspects of Facebook, it is a tool I have to use at this point in my life.  After college, the Facebook profile will probably be deleted or drastically Lamebook Logooverhauled.  Nevertheless, one thing that makes me feel great about Facebook is that it makes Lamebook possible.  Lamebook is a great way to pass some hours.  It is a compilation of odd (and usually hilarious) pictures, comments and situations arising on Facebook—which has threatened to sue Lamebook in the past.


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