Charlie Sheen Losing his Sheen?

Charlie SheenIn October, Two and a Half Men star, Charlie Sheen, trashed a hotel room.  He paid $7,000 in damages after being arrested.  A porn star, Capri Anderson, was found locked in the bathroom.  At first, she told fans she was fine, and she did not indicate otherwise to police.  Now, she is coming back to file civil suits against Sheen  for offenses including abuse, assault and false imprisonment.  She acknowledges she was a paid escort, who was willing to do more than escort…when Sheen produced drugs, she took off her dress.  Also, she refuses to say what, exactly, set Sheen off to supposedly calling her a whore and threatening to kill her.

Capri AndersonCharlie Sheen‘s camp claims the so-called “adult actress” is attempting to cash in on Sheen’s celebrity status.  This is possible, but Sheen does have a history of being a semi-out-of-control party animal.  Still, Capri Anderson definitely waited long enough to report her account of what happened.  And with an interview by ABC News, she has already begun cashing in—regardless of her intentions.  Profiling for the sake of argument, Anderson does seem like the high-maintenance weasel type who appears capable of utilizing such an opportunity for the money.

At the beginning of November, Charlie Sheen filed for divorce from Brooke Mueller.  This is that supposedly charming third time for Sheen.


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