I Guess it Fell Through

MicrophoneThe quickest blogs to write are about myself since I do not have to study mass quantities of news articles before writing them.  One thing I am involved with is recording voice overs, but that is the next blog.  To accompany that, I am trying to begin announcing.  I had a gig lined up with a classmate, who I will call THEGUY.  I had received word that I was lined up to serve as ring announcer and cameraman at an upcoming event.  THEGUY was providing transportation and such, so money was not a particular issue.

The event was supposed to take place last night (Saturday, December 11).  Earlier in the week, I sent THEGUY a couple messages requesting his phone number and further details pertaining to where I was supposed to be, as I did not (and do not) have his number.  I also sent him my phone number.  Nothing.  The next day, I sent an E-mail to his listed E-mail address, and I searched for him in the university’s E-mail directory.  I am still not sure the latter is his address because I have yet to receive a response to any messages.

Michael BufferI am assuming last week, being the beginning of finals, left THEGUY insanely busy.  Better yet would be to receive a message saying something along the lines of:  “Event was canceled…moved to next weekend…you are still announcing.”  That would be awesome.  Nevertheless, an out-of-town friend may be able to help me find possible work.  It will be some traveling, but experience is experience.  The man pictured to the side is legendary boxing announcer, Michael Buffer.



2 Responses to “I Guess it Fell Through”

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