More Coffee!

This will be my 38th post.  This will also be blog 7 out of the targeted 17 total for the overnight…ten more posts to go.  The coffee pot is empty, so I am using Mt. Dew to maintain caffeine flow while the coffee pot refills.  This seems to be a pattern for the finals period this semester—I have pulled all-nighters the night before every final this past week.  This assists my greater purpose two ways:  first, it allows plenty of consecutive time to study for that most important of exams, and it ensures I will actually make it to the final.  All of my finals have been at 8A.M.  On one level, this is bad.  However, I like having the rest of the day free.  I can probably squeeze another blog in before I have to study for the final in an hour and 45 minutes.  On second thought, I am going to study first.  Then, I will use every spare moment to feverishly type.  Odds are that I will fall short of my goal.


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