Possible VO Job 2

In my last blog, I mentioned my not-quite-failure success with Voice123.  I also mentioned here that I am in communications with a local production company.  While the majority of auditions have been valiant, yet the opposite of accomplishing, some reviews do go well.

For instance, I might find out Tuesday or Wednesday how my latest audition recordings turned out for me.  It is my understanding the client has already heard my demo, and he liked it.  This means my auditions should go just as well.  I do not want to mention exactly which production company (and which client) is involved until I know more about the deal.  One reason is because I seem to have a pattern of telling the masses about a possible success, usually to have the plans fall through.  For example, my recent ring announcing gig gone awry—I told people about it, and it did not come to fruition.  Results of the audition will follow in a follow-up blog.



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