Possible VO Job

Since I am still acclimating myself to the voice over industry (and an enticing industry it is), work is not exactly stampeding to my inbox.  Voice123 is a $295/year service, but the company gives you a free trial.  However, there is a catch.  I sent my E-mail requesting it to be activated, at which time I was told I had to have at least two posted demos (I only had one).  I posted another demo, and I sent the E-mail again.  This time, I was told I needed at least five demos to activate the trial.  I can understand why.  The writing part is a hassle at first, but I occasionally get on a roll of writing these fake advertisements.  When I eventually have enough actual recordings (not just fake products), I will revamp all of my demos.  It is this fifth demo I will try to record later today.  Then, my trial will be activated, and I can start auditioning for many, many projects.



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