Voice Overs

All right, I have my coffee and some rice.  Time for the next in a line of installments.

I have a voice over Web site, but it is not finished.  Nevertheless, it is here.  A number of weeks ago, I asked my advisor if he knew anyone needing a voice for voice overs.  He put me in touch with a local production company.  I threw together a demo, and the owner posted it on his company’s Web site.  Later on, I edited it and posted different demos to the Voice123 Web site.  I still have another demo to record and post…perhaps after this morning’s final exam.  Then, it is time to devote all time to auditioning for (and hopefully getting) voice over jobs.  The microphone pictured is the MXL V88 large diaphragm condenser microphone…the same type I own.



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    […] my last blog, I mentioned my not-quite-failure success with Voice123.  I also mentioned here that I am in communications with a local production company.  While the majority of auditions have […]

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