Voice Over Job Follow-up

Previously, I posted about a potential job for which I auditioned.  The client is JBM Productions, and the company’s client is Hospice Home Care of Arkansas.

Yesterday, I learned the board of directors (I think) of Hospice Home Care approved the ad along with a fair amount of future ads—eight to ten, as I understand it.  The ad contained very minor scripting errors, so I recorded an alternate version.  The ad (as approved) is viewable here.  However, the alternate audio track has not been applied (as of December 23, 2010).  Also, I am saying the number corresponding to the statewide phone number on the Web site…the phone number on the screen is wrong.  I am certain both aspects will be updated in the near future.

So, there is the deal…an ongoing arrangement in which I record all subsequent Hospice Home Care of Arkansas voice over tracks through JBM Productions.

Jason Moyer of JBM Productions, by the by, recorded my first audition for another job months ago.  At that time, he gave me the run-down of the voice over industry in this area—infinitely helpful advice.  He has also given me feedback on all the demos I have recorded, which led to the latest audition.  Going slightly off-topic, I am finishing my fifth demo for my Voice123.com Web space, and I will post it today after I assemble it and add my name to the front of it.

While I am following up, the promoter mentioned in another previous post (about the ring announcing job) has yet to return contact.  I was prepared to do the event for free simply for the exposure and experience.  I hope my mere asking about the minor detail did not cause THEGUY to drop contact, whereby not giving me the chance to tell him money was not at issue.



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