It Starts Again

So, I find myself in another class requiring the upkeeping of a blog. Time to dust of the WordPress account and start posting. After putting it off and letting it slide, I find myself requiring 20-some-odd blogs by tomorrow. It is going to be a long night.

A few minutes ago, I skimmed BBC to see what was happening in the world. A US ambassador was hit with eggs in Syria by a group of protesters. The US took it seriously, scolding Syria. Syria says the US has “incited violence against its military,” according to the article.

In other happenings, the US accused Full Tilt of being a global Ponzi scheme. The Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) suspended the site’s license in June. Now, the license is revoked. PokerStars, Full Tilt, Party Poker–all made unavailable for real money gambling online back then, and probably doomed to never return. I did not do much real money gambling online, so this does not affect me on a significant level.

Class is, for all intended purposes, over…so I am going to get this thing posted and head home to see about those other 20-something posts. I think the number is in the neighborhood of 24 since I am in two of this instructor’s classes. I will shoot for 25 just to be sure.


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