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Social Media Class Chapter 8

October 13, 2011

Honestly, I had never considered a news release. I considered advertising, but I thought our client’s audience was too specific for a full-scale release. I may be wrong, here. It must be communicated with the rest of the group before I can make an official statement.

Another possibility may be social ads on Facebook. However, that is advertising. On a related note, if you do not want to appear in social ads on Facebook, you can navigate this way to learn how. The linked page also covers the LinkedIn equivalent.

If an event should come up that requires a press release, the book offers some info…which is great, because I forgot what I learned about press releases in news writing class. This is probably a book I will keep on my bookshelf for future reference.


Social Media Class Chapter 7

October 13, 2011

Chapter 7 suggests spreading the publication of PR material to multiple types of media. Though both are online, the client has a Web site and a Facebook account. Another medium the business uses is merchandising. These will also be promoted through, both, the Web site and Facebook account. Upon creation of an QR code, which will be when the Web site is updated, it can be distributed on paper…another medium. At this point, a Twitter account may not be beneficial to the client–available time to update may be an issue, not mentioning possible absence of time to learn new services AND use them effectively. Or, it may work out on all fronts without a hitch…that would be nice.

Social Media Class Chapter 6

October 13, 2011

An important point brought up in chapter 6 was the need to know whether one participates with an audience or pitches to an audience. With our project company, the Web site portion is going to be both–having information to exchange information with the existing clients while attracting additional clients to inform.

On the Web site, returning customers can, or will be able to, find information on upcoming events, merchandise, online policies, etc. Potential clients, on the other hand, can find class registration deadlines, registration forms and more information regarding what the company offers. The Facebook profile will serve the same function, but in a more condensed form.