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Charlie Sheen Losing his Sheen?

November 22, 2010

Charlie SheenIn October, Two and a Half Men star, Charlie Sheen, trashed a hotel room.  He paid $7,000 in damages after being arrested.  A porn star, Capri Anderson, was found locked in the bathroom.  At first, she told fans she was fine, and she did not indicate otherwise to police.  Now, she is coming back to file civil suits against Sheen  for offenses including abuse, assault and false imprisonment.  She acknowledges she was a paid escort, who was willing to do more than escort…when Sheen produced drugs, she took off her dress.  Also, she refuses to say what, exactly, set Sheen off to supposedly calling her a whore and threatening to kill her.

Capri AndersonCharlie Sheen‘s camp claims the so-called “adult actress” is attempting to cash in on Sheen’s celebrity status.  This is possible, but Sheen does have a history of being a semi-out-of-control party animal.  Still, Capri Anderson definitely waited long enough to report her account of what happened.  And with an interview by ABC News, she has already begun cashing in—regardless of her intentions.  Profiling for the sake of argument, Anderson does seem like the high-maintenance weasel type who appears capable of utilizing such an opportunity for the money.

At the beginning of November, Charlie Sheen filed for divorce from Brooke Mueller.  This is that supposedly charming third time for Sheen.


Another Guns N’ Roses Album?

November 17, 2010

It’s late…but there is another post left in me today.

Guns N' RosesCurrent Guns N’ Roses guitarist, D.J. Ashba, indicated, last week, that a new album would not take long to complete.  The other GN’R guitarist, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, posted on Facebook indicating the process had not even begun.

Among the myriad of production phases he listed as yet to be completed were basic steps such as getting in the same room and jamming…that is a rather important step on the ladder to releasing an album…the first step, actually.  I would not announce the release of an album until the group could consistently be in the same place long enough to know what the band is doing.  Apparently, the guitarists are recording different albums.  They have not even started the ball rolling.

Chinese Democracy album illustrationMy favorite thing on the list is getting a schedule and other details, from the record label, of which Axl approves.  I remember the gallons of feces Axl spewed for the better part of ten years leading to the release of Chinese Democracy. I remember watching the footage of the 2002 MTV Music awards and hearing “Madagascar.”  This is not the MTV footage, but it is a good version of the song as performed at Rock in Rio 2001.  I saw the MTV footage in 2005, and I thought, “wow, maybe this album will be out soon, considering they performed songs from the album in 2001.”  No-o-o…I downloaded the demo, was not impressed and forgot about it—until I saw an ad for its release last year.  I skimmed it, and nothing caught me immediately.  Now that I think of it, I will look more into that album.

Axl RoseIt is hard to give the album merit when Axl Rose is…Axl Rose.  I remember when former GN’R members Slash and Duff McKagan (guitarist and bassist, respectively) sued him in 2005 for affecting their royalty flow.  Then, he countered in 2006 by filing suit against Slash, wanting a judge to confirm he owned his own stuff or something to that nature.  Then, in March of this year (2010 for those who do not know) GN’R manager, Irving Azoff, sued the frontman for unpaid fees to the tune of about $1.8 million.  In May, Rose struck back, painting Azoff to be a manager so Machiavellian in his dealings, “Pebbles” (and her ordeal with that one group, TLC) comes to mind.

Not saying Azoff stole a lot of money from GN’R, just saying Rose painted this guy out to be bad news, and I remembered the manager from the TLC episode of VH1’s Behind the Music series I saw more than seven years ago.  That show had some great episodes, though the TLC episode was not one of them.

Axl Rose even entertains delusions that Azoff was trying to force him to reunite the original line-up.  I think it is safe to say that is never going to happen.  Given past experience, we can assume the album will be ready in 2019.  Personally, I do not care if this album is ever released.

iTunes Goes iBeatles

November 16, 2010

Since as far back as February of 2007, the Beatles has been negotiating with EMI to get the band’s music on Apple’s iTunes.  Finally, it has happened:  the Beatles catalog is available on iTunes.

The BeatlesThat is correct—you can now buy the Beatles tunes on iTunes.  It is great news, but not exactly day-changing.  I am not saying I do not dig the Beatles; merely that I already own the tunes that I like.  Also, I do not own an iPod, so I try to avoid using iTunes when I can.  Still, I guess it is worth the years of negotiations for iTunes users to walk in “Strawberry Fields Forever”…with their iPods in tow.

Bach Still Smashing…Stuff

November 16, 2010

Trailer Park Boys and Sebastian BachSebastian Bach, former frontman for Skid Row (80’s hair metal), was arrested yesterday morning following an altercation at a pub in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.  He was asked to leave, but he did not want to.  When told he could not leave with a glass of wine, he threw it at the door.  He was restrained by an employee, at which time Bach proceeded to bite the employee.  The 42-year-old is still acting like a rocker.  When the police got there, they found about two grams of greenery on Bach, real name Sebastian Philip Bierk.  He was cited for assault, mischief and possession of a controlled substance.

Today, Bach responded to the incident.  He said he was mourning the death of his father, and he let his emotions get out of hand.  According to the article, the mischief charge resulted in a $250 fine—it stemmed from a 2004 incident in which Bach trashed a club refusing to relinquish nude pictures of his wife from 1988.  If a club was showing a nude photo of my wife, I would not be happy, either.  Then, again…I probably would not marry a stripper.

Image at top is from here.  It is a pic of Canadian-born Sebastian Bach on the set of hit Canadian television show, Trailer Park Boys.

Obama is Doing it Now

November 16, 2010

First, Palin was reaching out to the kids.  Now, President Barack Obama is speaking to the children…through his new book.  Supposedly completed prior to his election, “Of Thee I Sing” is a 31-page tribute to 13 historical Americans including scientists, baseball greats and painters.

Cover illustration for "of Thee I Sing."The book is supposed to emphasize characteristics uniting all Americans, which is a good message.  No cookies, though…not even an entertaining video.  The children’s book seems to leave politics out, which is great.  What I find odd about the book is its subtitle, “A Letter to My Daughters.”  When the book was published, that bit should have been scrapped for something making the book demographic less exclusive.  The cover art for the book shows his daughters and their dog.

Obama will not be making money from the book, as the article linked to above claims:

Proceeds of the book will be donated to a scholarship fund for the children of soldiers who have been killed or disabled in service.


It’s a Video Game

October 4, 2010

Medal of Honor: VanguardThe developers of the upcoming game, Medal of Honor, have changed the multiplayer opposing team name from “Taliban” to “Opposing Force.”  For having teams of creative people at its disposal, Electronic Arts certainly did not strain too much to develop that name, did they?  This BBC article claims the change came because Electronic Arts received complaints from friends and families of fallen soldiers.

I can understand how it could be considered distasteful to make it possible for a teenager to wreak havoc under the digital representation of a Taliban soldier, but I must also say I think there are other issues with more merit for concern.  Now, people will be (digitally) blowing “Opposing Force” heads off, rather than unloading into Taliban soldiers.

On a side note—is this Medal of Honor related to the game series, by the same name, for the original Sony Playstation?  I remember playing the first Medal of Honor game for hours on end when it was released.  After reading the wiki page I linked to, I found out the new game is a continuation of the series—question answered.

867-5309 Repeated…Almost

August 28, 2010

Cruising the Kait8 News Web site, a story from August 26 caught my eye.  The article points out a phone number within the lyrics of a teen pop song.  My initial impression was that is was a hidden number.  As it turns out, it is not hidden.  For those who cannot decipher the high-pitched, “teen pop” lyrics, the music video shows the 10-digit number.  However, the article exposes the number as a potential sex line in disguise.

Keep in mind:  this is music with a demographic younger than 16.  It is nice to know the kids found a lower-tech version of Yahoo chat.  Naturally, I wanted to see the big number in the video controversy…what a let-down.  I Youtubed (yes, Youtube has joined Google at verb status) the artist in question.  Luckily, I recognized the background from the news video, as the newscast did not mention the song title.  I would have hated to scan through more than one of Jessica Jarrell’s music videos looking for the right one…scary stuff.  The video is here if ye dare gaze upon it.  I will spare you the turmoil of watching the whole thing—the number is visible/audible at 3:05.  The reporter claimed the song contains the artist’s measurements within a batch of numbers.  I must have skipped over this part (along with over 2.5 minutes of the video) while skimming.  A 15-year-old giving her body measurements within a song…I am surprised Miley Cyrus did not do it first.  The snippets of the video I observed were, collectively, a somewhat disturbing look into the status quo of modern adolescent pop culture.  The youth of America is screwed, as if they had a shot to begin with.

The per"867-5309 (Jenny)" Singletinence of the phone, of course, reminded me of a much better song:  “867-5309 (Jenny).”  This song, years before war dialing was popular, momentarily transformed the youth of the early ’80s into phreaks.  And it is a good song. It is about a “for a good time, call…” message written on a bathroom wall. The protagonist spends the whole song tripping over himself while trying to work up the nerve to call the number. It was meant as a fun song, and (so, too) shall it forever remain.

On a side note, that number is currently a registered trademark of Gem Plumbing and Heating based in Lincoln, Rhode Island.