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Damn it, Palin

November 15, 2010

Okay, so I have already stopped watching TLC because they paid Sarah Palin for, of all things, her nature show.  Now, Palin’s words have spread to the children like a plague with buy-offs in the form of cookies.  She was trying to prove a point, I guess.  She took the cookies in response to an article, which had been corrected, in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review referring to the Pennsylvania State Board of Education limiting the amount of sweets allowed in public schools’ classrooms—this issue did not concern the private Plumstead Christian School.  But it was the perfect asinine detail for Palin to sensationalize and pander.  Again—it was false.

She used what she thought was a great opportunity to make a point regarding limited government.  While it is important to make sure the government does not get too powerful, these are kids we are talking about.  They do not need to hear Sarah Palin speak until they are old enough to leave.  Also, you do not prove the importance of limited government by handing out cookies…that is the most Democratic thing (as far as she is concerned) she has ever done.  [EDIT: That is, Democratic in that Palin extended her authority to assume parents would permit her distributing cookies.] Every kid loves a cookie.  However, I am sure Michelle Obama and Mike Huckabee do not approve her “sweet” approach.

No-bake CookiesA bit about cookies:  My all-time favorite cookie (girl scout cookies excluded) is the classic peanut butter no-bake cookie.  I have not tried the linked recipe, but it looks right.  My favorite recipe so far is the one I learned in the 7th grade—the most useful thing I probably took from that year.

Peanut Blossoms

However, peanut blossoms come in at a very close second to the no-bakes.  These cookies are another classic type.  I remember them from Christmas every year throughout my childhood.  My grandmother still makes the best peanut blossoms I have tasted.  Of course, we always called them “Mexican hats.”  It was not until last year I found they were called “peanut blossoms.”