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I Found Magi

November 15, 2010

Does anyone remember Fern Gully?  It was a “save the rain forest” animated feature.  The most memorable character is Batty Koda, voiced by Robin Williams in his first animated feature.  A destructive force is set free by careless humans in a magical part of the forest called, Fern Gully.  The main character is a fairy-in-training, but her teacher is Magi Lune…I found her in a news article the other day.

So what did she do to draw attention to herself?  She was not the queen fairy of the forest, that is a fact.  She goes by the codename Carolee Bildsten, and she claims to be 56 years old.  She drunkenly walked out on her second Joe’s Crab Shack tab in Gurnee, Illinois.  It was at this time the police were called.  They found her down the street resting on the grass, probably trying to summon sobriety.  She claimed the money was at her apartment, so the police escorted her there to get the money.  When she went to retrieve it from her dresser, she produced her fairy sex toy and attempted to strike an officer.  He blocked the wallop without trouble, I assume.

She was quickly arrested and charged with aggravated assault, theft and being a pedestrian under the influence.


A Deck of Cards…but a Cool One.

October 15, 2010

Sentinel CardsAll right, so I was was surfing the Web the other day when I happened across  What initially arrested my attention was the playing card section—specifically, the Sentinels.  The video on the linked page is illogical—everyone in these videos happen to walk around with playing cards in their pocket, should the need to pull some next-level slight of hand stuff arise.  I want the cards because of the secret societies-related imagery.

The Web site also sells materials instructing the slight of hand tricks mentioned earlier.  Apparently, this is called, cardistry.  Whenever I think of sleight of hand movements, I automatically remember the movie, Smokin’ Aces because of a character, Buddy Israel (played by Jeremy Piven).  Israel is a Las Vegas magician, so he is constantly utilizing cardistry in his movie appearances.  It is a great action flick with an awesome cast, including Ryan Reynolds, Ray Liotta, Ben Affleck and Alicia Keys (to name a few).  Looking at the DVD on the shelf, I think I am going to watch it now.  You can find Hulu clips of the movie here.

Smokin' Aces DVD Cover