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Voice Over Job Follow-up

December 23, 2010

Previously, I posted about a potential job for which I auditioned.  The client is JBM Productions, and the company’s client is Hospice Home Care of Arkansas.

Yesterday, I learned the board of directors (I think) of Hospice Home Care approved the ad along with a fair amount of future ads—eight to ten, as I understand it.  The ad contained very minor scripting errors, so I recorded an alternate version.  The ad (as approved) is viewable here.  However, the alternate audio track has not been applied (as of December 23, 2010).  Also, I am saying the number corresponding to the statewide phone number on the Web site…the phone number on the screen is wrong.  I am certain both aspects will be updated in the near future.

So, there is the deal…an ongoing arrangement in which I record all subsequent Hospice Home Care of Arkansas voice over tracks through JBM Productions.

Jason Moyer of JBM Productions, by the by, recorded my first audition for another job months ago.  At that time, he gave me the run-down of the voice over industry in this area—infinitely helpful advice.  He has also given me feedback on all the demos I have recorded, which led to the latest audition.  Going slightly off-topic, I am finishing my fifth demo for my Web space, and I will post it today after I assemble it and add my name to the front of it.

While I am following up, the promoter mentioned in another previous post (about the ring announcing job) has yet to return contact.  I was prepared to do the event for free simply for the exposure and experience.  I hope my mere asking about the minor detail did not cause THEGUY to drop contact, whereby not giving me the chance to tell him money was not at issue.


Possible VO Job 2

December 13, 2010

In my last blog, I mentioned my not-quite-failure success with Voice123.  I also mentioned here that I am in communications with a local production company.  While the majority of auditions have been valiant, yet the opposite of accomplishing, some reviews do go well.

For instance, I might find out Tuesday or Wednesday how my latest audition recordings turned out for me.  It is my understanding the client has already heard my demo, and he liked it.  This means my auditions should go just as well.  I do not want to mention exactly which production company (and which client) is involved until I know more about the deal.  One reason is because I seem to have a pattern of telling the masses about a possible success, usually to have the plans fall through.  For example, my recent ring announcing gig gone awry—I told people about it, and it did not come to fruition.  Results of the audition will follow in a follow-up blog.

Possible VO Job

December 13, 2010

Since I am still acclimating myself to the voice over industry (and an enticing industry it is), work is not exactly stampeding to my inbox.  Voice123 is a $295/year service, but the company gives you a free trial.  However, there is a catch.  I sent my E-mail requesting it to be activated, at which time I was told I had to have at least two posted demos (I only had one).  I posted another demo, and I sent the E-mail again.  This time, I was told I needed at least five demos to activate the trial.  I can understand why.  The writing part is a hassle at first, but I occasionally get on a roll of writing these fake advertisements.  When I eventually have enough actual recordings (not just fake products), I will revamp all of my demos.  It is this fifth demo I will try to record later today.  Then, my trial will be activated, and I can start auditioning for many, many projects.

Voice Over Equipment

December 13, 2010

In my last shameless grab for a blog, I mentioned my microphone.  I decided I might as well list my equipment, though a long list it is not.

First is the microphone.  It is an MXL V88 large diaphragm condenser microphone.  I got it because it was the best I could afford, given my budget at the time.  I am very happy with it.  It performs flawlessly for vocal recordings, and it also comes in handy when recording acoustic guitar tracks.

Next is the mixer.  I have a Behringer XENYX X1204USB…basically, the USB version of the XENYX X1204.  It is an eight-track mixer (5-6 and 7-8 are stereo channels).  The main selling points for me were the British-style EQ knobs, the fact it had EQ knobs and integrated compressors on four channels with XENYX preamps for the same channels.  There is another, however—it has a USB interface, allowing for real-time transfer to my laptop without latency.  That is actually the main reason, as I could not afford a multitrack recorder on my budget.  The onboard effects processor is a nice bonus.

Those are my main pieces.  Pulling everything together is Audacity 1.3.12 Beta version.  I used Sony Acid Pro 7.0 a few times, but Audacity is perfect for quick track-by-track recording (and much easier to use).

Holding up the microphone is a standard scissor-style stand.  Mogami Silver Series cable is providing the connection, and the sound is provided by Sennheiser headphones during recording.  During playback, a pair of M-Audio AV40 monitors allow for an accurate preview.  I have played the speakers extra loud to see when it would distort, and it did not.  For the cone size, the speakers give excellent response to all frequency ranges, including bass range.

Voice Overs

December 13, 2010

All right, I have my coffee and some rice.  Time for the next in a line of installments.

I have a voice over Web site, but it is not finished.  Nevertheless, it is here.  A number of weeks ago, I asked my advisor if he knew anyone needing a voice for voice overs.  He put me in touch with a local production company.  I threw together a demo, and the owner posted it on his company’s Web site.  Later on, I edited it and posted different demos to the Voice123 Web site.  I still have another demo to record and post…perhaps after this morning’s final exam.  Then, it is time to devote all time to auditioning for (and hopefully getting) voice over jobs.  The microphone pictured is the MXL V88 large diaphragm condenser microphone…the same type I own.

I Guess it Fell Through

December 12, 2010

MicrophoneThe quickest blogs to write are about myself since I do not have to study mass quantities of news articles before writing them.  One thing I am involved with is recording voice overs, but that is the next blog.  To accompany that, I am trying to begin announcing.  I had a gig lined up with a classmate, who I will call THEGUY.  I had received word that I was lined up to serve as ring announcer and cameraman at an upcoming event.  THEGUY was providing transportation and such, so money was not a particular issue.

The event was supposed to take place last night (Saturday, December 11).  Earlier in the week, I sent THEGUY a couple messages requesting his phone number and further details pertaining to where I was supposed to be, as I did not (and do not) have his number.  I also sent him my phone number.  Nothing.  The next day, I sent an E-mail to his listed E-mail address, and I searched for him in the university’s E-mail directory.  I am still not sure the latter is his address because I have yet to receive a response to any messages.

Michael BufferI am assuming last week, being the beginning of finals, left THEGUY insanely busy.  Better yet would be to receive a message saying something along the lines of:  “Event was canceled…moved to next weekend…you are still announcing.”  That would be awesome.  Nevertheless, an out-of-town friend may be able to help me find possible work.  It will be some traveling, but experience is experience.  The man pictured to the side is legendary boxing announcer, Michael Buffer.