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Gotta Love the F.B.I.

September 27, 2010

Those crazy lazy people at the F.B.I. have amazed me, once again.

TestIt has come to pass that several—possibly dozens—of agents and supervisors have admitted to cheating on an exam.  The exam tested agents’ knowledge of new domestic terrorist investigation guidelines.  The exam followed a course consisting of 16.5 hours of class time.  The exam was supposed to take 90—120 minutes to complete.

When 200 agents completed the exam in 20 minutes, officials figured something was askew.  A shallow investigation uncovered several agents, including supervisors, who had cheated by various means, including use of computer security flaws and cheat sheets.  Instructors also, reportedly, stomped feet to indicate materials specific to the exam. The BBC article links to the official report.

So, basically, this indicates about 1/100 of the F.B.I.’s 20,000 agents have no clue what they are doing when it comes to domestic investigation guidelines because…who the hell needs guidelines, right?  If that was not bad enough, there is another angle to consider:  these men/women are supposed to be tip-top when it comes to investigating national matters, yet they could not properly cheat on an exam?  In some cases, crooked legal advisors were actually present when the exam was taken.  Did it not dawn on anyone to try to make the dishonesty appear convincing?  Clearly, the F.B.I. only accepts the brightest people this country has to offer…and a select terrorist group, as well.

FBI SealBefore people get up-in-arms about that last comment:  I remember reading on PCWorld how a Hizballah sympathizer gained employment to the F.B.I. and C.I.A. after gaining fraudulent citizenship.  She used her position to find what the U.S. knew about her buddies.  Meanwhile, her sister and others routed millions to Lebanon while selling U.S. citizenship benefits.  I Googled it, and happened to find the same 2007 article here.